Online Courses

We pride ourselves on giving away the best knowledge for you to learn about how to build your own eCommerce business and to also show you how to market your products/services in the most effective way.



Brilliant to identify how to sell trending products on your eCommerce store without having to manage stock!

Identify Trending Products

How great would it be to automatically know if a product is trending and if it will work with marketing? Learn all of the techniques to look for trending products and figure out how you can see if a product will work well once you decide to advertise it. 

Find New Product Finding Tools

What if you could use certain tools to find you a list of working trending products? We go through the best tools that allow you to locate any trending product within any niche.

List Of The Best Dropshipping Suppliers

We show you a list of the proven best dropshipping suppliers and why they are some of the best to use over a lot of the other suppliers out their on the market.

Find The Best Ways To Find Products With High Demand

High demand products are what you need to be looking to find as these are some of the easiest products to sell using various marketing methods.

Learn How To Find The Best Products 

We'll show you numerous ways that you can use to find some of the best high demand products so that you've always got fresh products to test out!



Ideal for Bloggers / Start-Ups / Small Businesses with a limited budget.

Learn How To Set Up Your Facebook Ad Account

We'll show you the best way to set up your Facebook Ad account to get the best results on all of your different advertisements. 

How To Setup Perfect Facebook Ads

The structure of Facebook Ads is one of the most important aspects to being able to get the best results from each ad you place.

Find Out How To Troubleshoot Ads When They Don't Work

So many people struggle with working out how to fix a Facebook Ad that isn't working as well, we go in-depth into this throughout the training to show you how to troubleshoot an ad to get it working.

Learn How To Create The Best Creatives

Creatives are the key as this is what originally hooks people into the advertisement and we'll show you how to make the best converting ad.

Create Retargeting Ads To Increase Your Conversions

Retargeting ads are super crucial as a simple advertisement on a low-budget can retarget traffic that were interested in the original ad but never followed through. This is one of the best conversion tactics on the market and is crucial for your ad setups.

Learn How To Revive Dying Ad Sets

Ad sets die out over time so with this tactic we'll show you how to revamp what was previously working and to test what works best.



Ideal for people looking to start their own online business or to even improve their existing online business.

Access To A Full Tutorial Showing You How To Start Your Own Ecommerce Business
Learn How To Find Trending Products
Build A Shopify Store Around Your Trending Products
How To Sell Products Without Having To Ship Them Yourself
Multiple Marketing Methods That You Can Do From The Comfort Of Your Home
7 Accountability Sessions That Are 2 Hours Long 
Email Templates & How To Automatically Send Emails 
How To Set Up Your Business To Make Money While You Sleep
Access To Our Facebook Group With Many Other Entrepreneurs
Social Media Training For Your Business

Explore our selection of online courses that show you everything you need to know about the world of eCommerce, learn an abundance of marketing methods and learn how to completely automate your business. At Mad About Media we have had 17+ years of online marketing experience and have worked with massive businesses over the years. All this knowledge of ranking sites in Google, increasing conversion rates for clients and generating our clients over 7 figures worth of sales has been placed into these different courses to give you massive value.

Our students have learnt how to create their own Shopify dropshipping website as well as how to market their own products using social media ads like Facebook & TikTok Ads. Increase your marketing knowledge by joining the Mad About Media family!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the program structured?

The programmes we have give you everything you need to know from start to finish in a step-by-step video series. Follow all the steps in each video to be able to start learning and setting up your marketing, website or locating a trending product.

What Are The Advantages For My Business?

These courses will allow you to be able to setup a brand new online business with just your computer and an internet connection even if you have no prior experience. These courses also allow people who have prior experience in online marketing to gain a more in-depth knowledge to increase your overall conversions.

How Long Is The Course?

Each course is a different length, the Trending Products Guide & Facebook Ads Academy are a couple hours long and only focus on these areas. Ecomm Mastery is a giant course showing you from start to finish how to find trending products, how to set up your own website and how to market your products in multiple ways.

Who Should Join This Course?

You should join this course if you are looking to setup their own online business that they can manage from anywhere in the world. If you already have an existing business and are looking for ways to increase conversions while learning how to automate a lot of your business then this course is also for you.

Why Should You Join An Online Course?

There are multiple reasons why joining an online course can be beneficial for you. Firstly, having all the information you need to know to be able to learn how to set up your eCommerce business is a blessing in disguise for many as it's an online manual showing you from start to finish how to start your business.

Will I Realise My Full Potential?

Anyone can learn these methods that are in the course and once you do learn then apply these methods with proper action then you will realise that you can do anything you put your mind too.